5 Minute Portraits of Jennifer Moher

Jennifer was the lovely mentor I got to work with at Photography Farm 2019, in Glasgow. Our shoot session took place at the Airbnb the mentors were staying in and holy shit - I’ve never been inside a building like this in Glasgow!

After our session was finished we all stood around chatting and I asked Jennifer if she’d mind me taking some snaps of her, and here's what I got! Farm set fire to my motivation and drive - I love that the event takes place in March and really sets you up for the photographic year!

Nicola and Fern

If you know me, you probably know the amazing Nicola of Nicola Stewart Photography!

I second shoot for Nicola at weddings, so we had a wee wander around the grounds of The Barn at Barra Castle to get the ol’ inspiration flowing for of all the super awesome weddings we’ll be working at this year.

Nicola is usually behind the lens making memories for other people so I wanted to grab her some snaps of her with her tiny superstar, Fern. It was fun to have her face in front of the lens for a change!

As you can see we got an absolute belter of a day for wandering about so we made the most of it - that’s what it’s all about, eh?

Photography Farm Shoot Session: Jennifer Moher // Gary and Corrine

The last few days I’ve been down at Photography Farm in Glasgow, learning from some of the most amazing photographers//awesome human beings I’ve ever met.

Day two was for the shoot sessions and I signed up for a session with Jennifer Moher, and our models were the fabulous Gary & Corrine!

With classic weegie banter, gorgeous wee faces and the most adorable love for each other - we had a session that was quirky and fun. Learning tips and tricks from Jennifer as we moved from room to room through the spacious house, Gary and Corrine allowed us to into their world.

Jennifer spoke our group through how she would shoot a couples session and gave us ideas for how to encourage authentic interactions to get those emotional moments in the shot.

On the drive home from farm I was so inspired I sat in the car and edited these! Yep, I was that guy. I’ve also experimented with my editing a little on these shots. I think this could be the darkest photo set I’ve ever put out there and I’m really loving it!

Here’s a selection of my faves!

Happy first anniversary, Heather and Callum!

How has it already been a year since these two tied the knot?!

One year ago today these two had the most gorgeous day together at WEST On The Green in Glasgow. After getting engaged side stage during an Avenged Sevenfold concert, these two certainly knew how to bring that rock ‘n’ roll attitude to their day. Bridesmaids in Doc Martens, Pop Vinyls on the centre pieces, a Nightmare Before Christmas inspired cake and a playlist full of emo throwback hits - as chosen by their guests - were the perfect ingredients for an awesome day.

Their day was personal, colourful and heartfelt. Plus there’s the fact that the venue is also a dog friendly brewery, so there were dogs and beer everywhere - HEAVEN, right?! This also meant their fabulous dog, Luna, was able to take part in the celebrations as flower-dog.

For their first dance they took to the floor as Forever by The Dropkick Murphys brought smiles and happy tears to the circle of friends and family that surrounded them. It was one of those moments where you can’t help but smile because the vibe in the room is one of total joy.

Before we get to the photos I’d like to shout out my awesome second shooter for the day, Jessica Newell Photography! Thanks for being an absolute star Jessica!