Yoga with Lisa at Haddo House

I met Lisa at Aberdeen College on the HND Photography course in 2011. Fresh outta school we were all sorts of enthusiastic to learn about EVERYTHING. Whilst I’m still pursuing the photography thing, post-college, Lisa found something else she was incredibly passionate about.

Let me introduce you to Wisdom Warrior Yoga.

Lisa’s passion for all things yoga is infectious. As we were going around Haddo taking pictures she talked me through all the moves she was making, the names, the poses, what they’re good for. I loved hearing about the training courses she’d been on - how she’d learned about walking barefoot outdoors to feel more connected to the earth. Seeing her walk along the forest floor, completely unfazed, blew my mind. I was having flashbacks to being five and running through my hallway and getting a foot full of pine needles from the Christmas tree!

What I loved most about Lisa’s attitude to yoga is that it really is for everyone, of all fitness levels. She’s also not afraid to get it “wrong”. It’s not about getting it perfect, it’s all about getting involved! She wanted me to keep in all the photos where she wasn't getting it right because she wanted people to see the authentic side of her yoga teaching.

This summer she’ll be teaching yoga outdoors at Haddo House. If yoga is something that you’ve been looking to take up, I’d really recommend checking her out and going along. Being out in nature is good for the soul, and I honestly can’t think of a better person to take you on that journey.