Happy first anniversary, Margaret and Fraser!

This year has gone by SO quickly!

Margaret and Fraser’s wedding was a wedding that was very close to my heart. Fraser and his sister, Ashley, were two of my first friends. They lived across the street from me and we would play together all the time! Then we grew up and Fraser joined a band. If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ll know music is what set my photography journey in motion - so obviously I jumped at the chance to photograph my friends band!

When Fraser met Margaret it was clear they were both absolutely smitten! Their engagement was so sweet and when I got the Facebook message enquiring about being their wedding photographer I definitely did a happy dance.

One of my favourite moments in the morning was seeing Fraser’s mum, Karen, help Margaret into her dress. As Margaret is from the USA, none of her family or bridesmaids had seen the dress yet - and she wanted to share a beautiful first look moment with them all.

Thank you for inviting me into your world and allowing me to capture your wonderful day from start to finish. You guys have nailed the first year - only forever to go!

Big shout out to my second shooter Nicola Stewart Photography. Working with her is the bees knees!